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Sorbebe, wins China’s favorite brand award

‘Sorbebe’ was selected as a China’s favorite brand in the baby carrier/hip seat category, which was announced on 21st, according to a Chinese economy newspaper.

According to the company, Sorbebe’s Terra, the product for which the company won the award, is designed to make the waist comfortable with great waist support to support and keep the right waist posture. Also it is a premium product that is made of 100% organic cottons for sensitive baby skin therefore it guarantees soft texture and safe use.

Sorbebe will be operating money back guaranteed sales for baby carriers, as part of its on-going medical advisor project. From October 12 to November 30, it will be held on S Baby mall and you can participate by taking simple quizzes and asking questions to the medical advisor.

All participants are eligible to get 40% discount coupons for Terra baby carrier products and the best questions will be announced in the medical advisor page on the official Sorbebe website in December. 

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