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YKBnC, launches ‘Luna’, Sorbebe’s all-in-one baby carrier

A multi-functional product with baby carrier, hip seat and hip seat carrier combined is introduced.

Global children product manufacturer, YKBnC, announced on 17th, release of ‘Luna’, Sorbebe’s all-in-one baby carrier product.

Newly released Sorbebe’s Luna is available in pre-order event only on Shinsegae Mall, starting from 16th. 15% discount benefit and wind screen and clean bib freebies are given to all customers who participated in the event.

All-in-one baby carrier, Luna, facilitates function change simply by attaching/detaching the hip seat form and baby carrier seat; its 5 waist supports wrap around the waist to provide firm and comfortable support.

For its long-hour use, the fabric, Cordura, is 10 times stronger than regular fabrics and shows great durability against long-hour use; the waist belt can be adjusted to 44 inches, the chest belt, up to 36cm, to realize comfortable wearing experience.

To celebrate release of Luna, a consumer review event will be held on Shinsegae Mall and Ummapoom Blog. Also quiz events and countdown events are currently held on YKBnC online community caf? and Mom Squareinstagram.

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